Alpharacks-Spring Black Friday,9.99$一年的VPS玩具,感觉不值。。

2018-04-27 09:21:00


支付方式-PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and Alipay!--PS:是9.99, 网页翻译有毛病

购买Alpharacks-VPS 传送门

Last year, on Black Friday, we sold thousands of units in hours, and sold out quicker than we had planned.

We used that as a learning experience to provide better deals for you, and better capacity planning on our end. 

Tomorrow we are celebrating Spring Black Friday, and we wanted to give some of you exclusive early access to the event, before we release it publicly. Once we release it officially, we expect to sell out within hours.

Specifically for this event, we turned up a bunch of new servers, and we have ACTIVATED new deals, ones that are even better than traditional Black Friday! 

Spring Black Friday Promotions valid on: Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting

Don't miss out on great savings. Instantly receive your brand new service after your order has been placed, there's no waiting around to start using your server.
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