Apple Configurator是什么?用来做什么的?,Apple Configurator 2.8 beta 2

Apple 官方是这样描述Apple Configurator的

Apple Configurator 2 is an app for macOS 10.14 that makes it easy to set up and deploy groups of similarly or identically configured iOS or tvOS devices. Apple Configurator can be used to quickly perform discrete tasks like updating to latest iOS or installing apps or configuration profiles as well as create and execute custom workflows which configure many devices with one click.

Google 翻译之后

Apple Configurator 2是一款适用于macOS 10.14的应用程序,可以轻松设置和部署类似或相同配置的iOS或tvOS设备组。 Apple Configurator可用于快速执行离散任务,如更新到最新iOS或安装应用程序或配置文件,以及创建和执行自定义工作流程,只需单击一下即可配置多个设备。