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macOS Version 10.13.4 (17E199) Xcode Version 9.3 (9E145)

今天更新了Xcode 9.3 macOS 10.13.4

Xcode ideworkspacechecks.plist文件

Project 'iOS-SS' Enable recommended warnings
This will enael the following recommended warnings
implicit retain of 'self' within blocks
overriding Deprecated Objective-C Method

然后在项目中多了 IDEWorkspaceChecks.plist 文件 增加了32位的警告 IDEDidComputeMac32BitWarning的警告




这是Xcode9.3 发行说明,英文原版 点击传送门


Xcode changes for deprecation of macOS 32-bit support
Removed the 32-bit option from the Architectures build settings UI. (35517385)
Building for 32-bit architecture on macOS now emits a warning. (35709244)
Deprecation and Removal Warnings
The Core Animation instrument and template have been deprecated in Instruments. The functionality previously under "Debug Options" has moved to Xcode, under "Debug > View Debugging > Rendering". (22971414)
The OpenGL ES Analyzer Instrument is no longer supported. It has been replaced by the GPU Frame Debugger in Xcode and will be removed in a future version of Instruments. (35104029)

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