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AdSense将下架iOS、Android AdSense APP,未也会删除iOS、Android AdSense APP。

AdSense将下架iOS、Android AdSense APP,未也会删除iOS、Android AdSense APP。

全球已经有超过 ⅓ 的 AdSense 使用者是通过移动端网页来进入 AdSense 系统,我们感谢你一直对我们 AdSense 移动端网页的支持和使用。最近在 AdSense 的官方博客文章中指出, AdSense 团队决定投放更多资源于优化移动端网页,让用户体验加倍提升。所以对于安卓版本和 iOS 版本的 AdSense 移动应用程序,我们会陆续在应用商店中下架并在今年年底前完全移除。

如果你一直以来是使用桌面端网页来进入 AdSense 后台将不会有任何影响。如果你习惯于使用移动端平台,例如 AdSense APP, 请注意这个更新并建议你尽快体验我们的移动端 AdSense 网页。

The web is mobile.
Nearly 70% of AdSense audiences experience the web on mobile devices. With new mobile web technologies such as responsive mobile sites, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) the mobile web works better and faster than ever.
We understand that using AdSense on the go is important to you. More than a third of our users access AdSense from mobile devices and this is an area where we continue to invest.
Our vision is an AdSense that does more to keep your account healthy, letting you focus on creating great content, and comes to you when issues or opportunities need your attention.
With this in mind, we have reviewed our mobile strategy. As a result, we will be focusing our investment on the AdSense mobile web interface and sunsetting the current iOS and Android apps. By investing in a common web application that supports all platforms, we will be able to deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile much faster than we can today.
Later this year we will announce improvements to the AdSense mobile web interface. The AdSense Android and iOS apps will be deprecated in the coming months, and will be discontinued and removed from the app stores by the end of 2019.
Like our publishers who have built their businesses around the mobile web, we look forward to leveraging great new web technologies to deliver an even better, more automated, and more useful mobile experience. Stay tuned for further announcements throughout the rest of the year.

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